mika · s eyewear was established in 2017 by Mikael Rask (Sweden, 1983 – entrepreneur in the fashion and accessories sector) after detecting a change in the habits of use of sunglasses. His daily contact with hundreds of users makes him see how they stop giving them a functional use to give them a greater importance as a fashion add-on.

It is this that makes him create a brand of sunglasses in line with the needs of the modern user. Inspired by the Canary Islands (his current residence and place where the sun shines every day) as well as his Swedish roots and their design philosophy (where much attention is paid to small details), Mikael decides to create his own brand of sunglasses with three clear premises: the latest trends, with the best eye protection and at the right price.

According to the own words of Mikael: “We identify mika·s clearly with the concept of immediate fashion, offering new models on a monthly basis in line with the latest trends, in addition, the sunglasses comply with the best eye protection, and always at an affordable price that allows ‘fashion conscious’ users to keep up to date with the latest trends.”