MIKA·S Eyewear was established by Mikael Rask (Sweden 1983)

Being an entrepreneur in the fashion and accessories sector, Mikael detected a change in the way sunglasses are now being incorporated into everyday life.

His contact with his clients confirmed how his eyewear was being given greater importance as an add on fashion accessory as well as eye protection.

This knowledge encouraged Mikael to create a brand of sunglasses more in line with the desires of the modern user.

Inspired by the stunning Canary Islands (where the sun shines daily) he decided to incorporate his Swedish origins with the ‘Elan’ of the Nordic design philosophy, including attention to the finest of details.

With these aims in mind, Mikael has created his own brand of sunglasses with three clear and important premises:

The latest trends. The very best eye protection. A very competitive price range.

Lastly, a word from Mikael himself.

In my company, we identify with the concept of “Immediate fashion”. We offer new models on a monthly basis in line with the latest trends in design and colour. The spectacles comply with the most advanced protection technology within an affordable price range that allows the ‘fashion conscious’ to keep up to date with the latest trends. My byword has, and always will be “Innovation”. It’s how I live my life!